The extensive use of two diverging personality taxonomies (the Big Five and HEXACO models) in contemporary research creates a need for understanding how traits connect to each other across taxonomies. Previous research has approached this at...

Recent research has highlighted the role of prosocial personality traits—agreeableness and honesty-humility—in egalitarian distributions of wealth in the dictator game. Expanding on these findings, we ran two studies to examine individual differences...

Three different theoretical frameworks for understanding social behaviour and experience, the Big Five (B5), HEXACO, and Interpersonal Circumplex (IPC), are compared empirically by aligning them to the same circular structure. In this study (N = 206),...

December 31, 2014

Economic games are well-established experimental paradigms for modeling social decision making. A large body of literature has pointed to the heterogeneity of behavior within many of these games, which might be partly explained by broad interpersonal...

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